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  • The King in my family - Ben Sanders

    I have a King in my family and I don't think he knows who he is. The King in my family is my brother Ben. He is a King David just waiting to be discovered and  called but I don't think he knows it yet.

    I've been thinking about the story of the Prophet Samuel going to anoint David as King in 1 Samuel 16. Jesse gets asked to bring his sons and present them in front of the Prophet. Then Samuel goes through each son looking for the King. When he doesn't find him, Samuel asks Jesse if he has any more sons. Jesse calls in David from the fields and the rest is history.

    The interesting thing is the points of view both Jesse and Samuel come at this. Jesse is looking at a bunch of sons but the Prophet Samuel is looking for a King. Jesse couldn't see what he had right there with him. The Prophet did.

    So how do you see your family? When you look at your Mum, Dad, siblings, Kids - how do you see them? What do you see in them? What do you perceive in them? Do you see Kings and Queens? Davids' and Esters', Joshuas' and Rehabs?  

    Over the last couple of days I've been thinking about my family and how great they are. I've realised I have a brother who is a King. My younger brother Ben is a King like you probably wouldn't realise. Ben is set apart and called by God, I can tell.  He's not just a cool guy that people like - although he is that. He's not a King like all Christians are. I can see a call on Ben's life that I don't understand or really comprehend but it's there.

    God probably hasn't said it to Ben yet, or maybe he has and Ben hasn't told us. I don't know if Mum and Dad have thought about it. I can't put words to it other than I think Ben is a King that will lead and bring people through incredible struggles and trials. Like King David, I think Ben is a man after God's heart

    Ben, you are the King in the Sanders family and you have an awe inspiring story coming your way. Take hold of it and enjoy the ride. You have the blessing and calling of God that will take you places Kate and I will never go. Be the King God has made you to be.

    Oh and by the way, I won't sell you into slavery, I promise...sort of. So long as you don't annoy me haha.