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  • The blind date and the girl I flew to another city for - part four - the finale

    Note: This is the final post in this story. You will want to read 1-3 before you read this.

    We drove into central Nelson and found an awesome café full of old farming and settler type things e.g syths, old cart wheels etc. Finding the couches were all taken for the moment, we setup shop at a table and waited until a couple that looked like they were about move finally left. I think we hung out at the café for about an hour.

    When it was nearing 5:30pm we left the café and headed to ‘The Boatshed’ down at the waterfront. It was a classy joint she picked. It was one of the nicest restaurants I’ve been in for a while. We order a bottle of Pinot Noir and laughed most of the night, and had a couple of good deep-ish conversations as well. Towards the end of the dinner fireworks started out on the harbour. So we had dinner and a show. The fireworks were a little average but it was still great to be in a prime position to see them. Dessert followed the fireworks. We had planned to go back to my cousin’s place for Lemon Meringue pie cooked by my Granny so we didn’t want to spoil that by having lots of desert at the restaurant. We ordered a sticky date pudding for the two of us.

    While she went to the bathroom, I took the opportunity to pay for the meal. When she came back, we finished the pudding and headed out for a short walk along the water front. It was fairly cold so we didn’t walk for long.

    The night was drawing to a close and it was time to head back to have more pudding and coffee with the cousins and Granny. I must say, this girl was brave for coming along. Who would want to meet a guys cousins and Granny on a second date? That’s a little crazy, but then again it was a crazy adventure the whole way along so I’m not really surprised.

    Gran’s Lemon Meringue pie was brilliant as always. We had a few laughs with the family and the night was over. I walked her to the car, gave her a hug goodbye, and let her go on her way. We agreed to stay in touch, and with that my two day whirlwind trip to take a girl I had never meet out on a date was over.

    Now the part you probably want to know - what has happened since? The short answer is nothing. I got an email that Tuesday saying ‘lets just be friends’ and that is ok with me. She is a lovely girl and lives far away. She has also just come out of a relationship and isn’t interested in anything more. That's ok with me. These things rarely end up the way we think.

    At the end of the day, I was taking an opportunity to have an adventure. I had a great time. She was absolutely lovely. I’m very lucky to have been given the opportunity to take her out.

    Thank you to the young miss that let me have a couple of her evenings - you were a lot of fun.

  • The blind date and the girl I flew to another city for - part three

    Note: if you haven’t read parts one and two, you should do that first to get the whole story.

    She arrives at my cousin’s house and she is as pretty as in her photos. Tall, blonde, and sporty with a great smile. We go to a restaurant close by. It’s a very nice place. Great wine and huge plates with tiny delicate food. We hung out at the restaurant for a couple of hours talking about all sorts of things. It was a nice evening. When the staff were well and truly closed, and had setup for the morning, we decided it was time to leave. Walking out the door I spotted a great looking water fountain across the road. It was shooting water straight up from the ground and I wanted to play in it. She was good with the idea so we went across and jumped around in the fountain. I was the only one that ended up wet – right down the front of my jeans. It looked like I had pee’d my pants which made us both laugh. She didn’t get wet at all.

    After playing in the fountain, and getting wet, we noticed the bar next to us had karaoke going and it was sounding awesome. She looked at me with an inquisitive adventurous look and said

    “Wana check it out?”

    “Heck yeah!” I laughed while looking down at my wet pants wondering if anyone would notice.

    Lucky enough, the bar was dark (aren’t they all?) and no one noticed. As we walked in there was a short, squat, bald guy singing Sweet Home Alabama while bleach-blonde slightly tubby woman danced seductively with on each other, if you can all it that (eeewww). We had clearly joined the ranks of the local bogan bar. We laughed and headed to the bar for a beer.

    The night ended at 11pm when she dropped me home. It was great evening and I had a heap of fun. I can’t speak for her, but I know it was a well worth taking the opportunity. The trip to Nelson to go blind date with a random girl had been a success in that I didn’t behave like a total arse, and I don’t think embarrassed her or myself.

    So I had a good night and so ended date one of two. There is also a funny story about getting locked out of my cousin’s house but I’ll post about that after I’ve finished this story.

    I got a txt from her later that night saying she had work to do during the day on Friday but was keen to hang out again tomorrow night. So we set up for another dinner on Friday.

    The next day, Friday, I worked from the dinner table at my cousin’s house. Then checked in with my sister and her fiancé who wanted to check I hadn’t made a total arse of myself. They agreed I had conducted myself ok.

    In the early arvo I heard from the lady. She was keen to have dinner and gave me a couple of options of Thai or a really nice place on the waterfront. I liked the sound of the waterfront.  She would be free at 4pm and would pick me up for coffee, then we would head for dinner.

    She arrived at 4pm and we set out for the second date…

    [To be continued]

  • The blind date and the girl I flew to another city for - part two

    Okay, so I’m starting to freak out a little bit now. First I set a limit for the plane tickets -  that I didn’t think I would be able to get - now I have them for less than my budgeted amount, and I’m seriously thinking about going to Nelson to take a random girl out for dinner – what the heck!

    I called my sister (who is flatting with the girl), and Kate’s response was “...that would be so awesome and funny, but it will totally intensify your friendship. It might make things awkward.” She had a point. Then I called Kate's fiancé Chris and asked him what he thought. He said, “Get on a plane and go! If nothing else, it will be a great story.” So with that, I decided to call the lady and tell her I’m calling her bluff and that I’m going to turn up and take her out for dinner.

    I don’t normally get nervous but I was calling a random woman who I hardly know at ALL, and I had no idea how she would take this phone call. She answered the phone and I explained that I was calling her bluff and was coming to Nelson to take her out for dinner. I told her that my Granny and cousins are all there in Nelson and I'd like to see them as well - so I had three great reasons to visit Nelson.

    She laughed at the idea, told me I was crazy, laughed some more, and agreed to go out for dinner on Friday night- if I went. She couldn't do anything that night (remember this is Thursday) because she had a ‘daddy-date’. (Side note to all men: never get inbetween a girl and her Dad. It’s a bad idea for SO many reasons).

    We finished our conversation and I headed back to the office. To be honest, I was expecting her to get off the phone, talk to a mate, and freak out. My thoughts went: “...any moment now I’ll get a txt saying that she's actually a bit freaked out and maybe I shouldn't come because she doesn’t know me well enough…” I would have understood if she had done that – let's be honest here, it was a crazy idea to fly to another city and take a girl who I’ve never met before out for dinner. But to my surprise, that didn’t happen. In fact, when I got back to the office I got a txt that said she would be finished with her daddy-date by 8, and if I was in Nelson we could do desert and wine afterwards. Ohhh how happy I was! I laughed at the whole situation and jumped online to book tickets.

    The next few hours went like a blur. Booked tickets: 4pm. Went home to pack my bag: 5pm. Got on the plane: 6pm. Landed/picked up: 7:30pm. Coffee with cousins: 8pm. Lady picked me up: 8:30pm.

    Ideally I would have preferred to pick her up, but I didn’t have a car, and I also didn’t know the city or her location. So I was happy for her to pick me up this time.

    [To be continued...]

  • The blind date and the girl I flew to another city for

    This is a story about an opportunity that I took "once upon a time" in my life. I’m recording it for no other reason than that it’s a good story, a moment I will remember, and a story to share with others in years to come. This is my recollection of events, and I’m happy to be corrected if I remember wrong. That said, let the story begin…

    I was talking to my sister on the phone one beautiful Tuesday evening, and as we chatted about what was going on this week she said, “I have two gorgeous new flat mates – you should marry one of them!” Laughing, I said “Sure, why not?” At the same time I heard a woman’s voice in the background say, “Kate, who are you talking to?” “My brother,” said Kate. Then the woman yelled out “Dibs!” Kate laughed and told me, “You’ve just been bagged. Here, talk to this girl!” So the phone was passed to the lady who ‘baggsed’ me and we chatted for a few minutes about what each other does etc. We had a good laugh, teased each other a little, and at the end of the phone call the woman said, “I feel like I know you well enough to add you on Facebook” - and so she did. When I got the chance to look through her photos, I quickly realized she was very cute – beautiful in fact.

    The next day (Wednesday) I got a Facebook message from this woman that said: “Where are you taking me for dinner tomorrow night?". I laughed to myself and made a quick call to a friend in Nelson – where this woman was at the time – and found a highly recommended Indian restaurant. I suggested I take her there, which she thought that was a great idea...“I like it, pick me up at 7:30pm!” she wrote back.

    I laughed; I’m sure she did as well. Ahhh the fun of flirting on Facebook - but nothing was ever to come of it. The next day (Thursday) I was having a coffee with my good friend, and I told him the story of the beautiful Christian girl who had asked me to take her out to dinner. My friend looked at me with an open mouth and said, “Dude, why are you not down there taking her our for dinner?!” “No way man! I only just got introduced to this girl. I can’t turn up and take her out. That would be creepy!” I said. "Dude, you’ve got a gorgeous Christian girl asking you to take her out for dinner – get on a plane today and call her bluff. If you can get cheap tickets, you should totally go. Just set a limit on how much you're willing to pay for plane tickets, and if you can get them for less than that amount, you have to go,” my friend argued.

    So I set a ticket limit of $400. Now remember that I was trying to buy tickets on the day of the flight, to a small New Zealand town – these are NEVER cheap even when you book weeks beforehand, let alone on the day and less then 5 hours till the flight leaves. But I got on my phone and checked flights and prices – lo and behold, I could get tickets for less than my $400 budget. My friend just laughed and said, “Looks like you're going to Nelson tonight, mate!”

    [To be continued...]