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  • Stuipd advice from an old man (Lyrical Lies' by Cute Is What We Aim For)

    I'm sitting here working on a public holiday - yay for working for yourself. I'm listening to a song called 'Lyrical Lies' by Cute Is What We Aim For. It's an interesting song - have a listen.

    The opening lyrics  to Lyrical Lies :
    An old man gave me a tip he said
    "Don't waste your time with politics" he said
    "Just chase skirts instead"
    "Life is too short, and you're almost dead" he said
    "I met a woman once, I gave her my best shot"
    "But never did I talk and talk and talk"
    "If I had her back, I'd be as real as my age"
    "I so don't blame them, I wouldn't do the same"
    "But I can blame them, I'd sing her this"

    I got thinking about the tip from the old man and suddenly realised the two fatal flaws in the advice. The first flaw is giving up on politics and chasing skirts instead. This just wont work because while we may not like politics or politicians, they are actually there working hard for others. This old man's advice essentially says that working hard for the good of others is a waste of time, that standing up for those that have no voice is a dumb way to pour your life out. The advice suggests that chasing self-fulfilling pursuits is the best way to spend life. That all the 'wisdom' of life this old man has gathered is that spending life for others has left him disillusioned and the old man wishes he has spent more time chasing women.

    Now I like the ladies - lets not pretend I don't. I have a beautiful girl who is worth doing anything for but I totally believe that life is not about me. Spending your life standing up for what is right and good IS the BEST way to spend life. It's only when you give your life away that you will truly find you life. It's a strange concept for us to grasp but it's very true.

    I've heard it said by counsellors that the best cure or mild loneliness and depression is to get involved in a social club of some sort. By simply being part of a sports team, people make friends which combats loneliness, and by being part of a group that are all working towards something bigger than themselves, people find value and purpose in life. When we get our eyes off ourselves and focuses outside our selves, when we finally take hold of the bigger picture and spend your life with and for others, we start to understand something of true humanity. No amount of self-serving, skirt chasing will ever bring true happiness.

    This brings me to the second tip from the old man which is "life is too short and you're almost dead" What dumb short-sighted advice from an old man who has lost his grasp on reality. Yes an individual life is short and we should make the most of it but the world does not revolve around an individual. The curtain will not come down on human existence just because one person passes from it. Life, this world, and all that is it in has, obviously, existed just fine without any specific individual. The old mans advice seems to suggest that your life is the only one that matters and you should spend it making the most of it just for you. Imagine what this world would be like if that was how everyone lived. If we only ever did things for our own self gratification and never thought about the impact our lives would have on generations to come. How would soldiers who stormed Normandy on d-day have behaved if they only thought about themselves and their own life. Would they have laid down their lives for the rest of us? I believe they gave up their lives for their children and their children's children. They had a bigger view of the impact their life would have. They knew their life was only one small part in a much bigger show that was playing out over the decades. Your life is not just the length you will live. Your life will echo through your family and those that own their linage to you but it will also echo through the stories of your friends, through the history of the nation in which you participated, and through the choices you make that will impact on those further on in history.

    The advice from the old man in this song is so wrong because it fails to consider anything other than his own life and what he will get to do and experience.

    Your life counts now and it will count in years to come after you are gone. The impact you have on this earth WILL echo for decades to come. You get the choice as to how and what it will echo. Will it be a life of skirt chasing and selfishness or will it be a life given away and fulfilled by seeing the bigger picture and where you fit in it? Don't take the old man's advice.