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  • Listening to God on the bus

    I'm sitting on the bus travelling from Hamilton to Wellington and the bus is full. It's the over night bus and I was hoping for a double seat to spread out and sleep on. It just wasn't to be. I sat right at the front of the bus next to a fairly large Samoan lady. We passed niceties and both tried to sleep. I couldn't so I figured I may as well pray instead - always a good thing to do especially when you have a heap of time on a bus. I asked the Lord what He would want to say to the lady next to me. He said "Ask her about her kids, and tell her that the two are doing really well" That doesn't make a lot of sense to me but then it doesn't have to.

    About two hours later we stop in Taupo for a tea break. I caught up with Katherine which was great. She's such a cool lass. She stayed up till 24:30 just to hang out for 30mins while the bus was stopped. Katherine is cool!

    When the bus started off again I was sitting next to the Samoan lady and we got talking a little bit. I told her I'm involved with church and am heading back to make it in time for Sunday morning services. I asked her if she had kids and she did; five grown up, three of them are in full time church ministry. So I told her what God had told me and she was encouraged. She didn't start crying or anything like that. She just said it was great that God takes notice of the little things and thanked me for passing on the message.

    It was a nice encounter. A great chance to step out in faith on my part and follow through on what God was saying to me. I always wonder how well I actually hear God and if what I'm getting is actually correct and I decoded it right. Turns out it was right this time. I love that God will keep trying with those who are willing.