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  • I miss you Grandad

    Dear Grandad,

    I miss you. I miss being a little lad a playing at your house. I loved coming to Nelson to see you. I remember Rabbit Island and walking along the beach with you and Gran, finding the truck and fixing it up. I remember your shed under the house where you would fix anything.

    Where have you gone? why did you leave so early? I miss you. I wish I had asked you more about life and learned more about what you knew. I know that there are things I will never know because I didn't ask you. The things I should have learnt and will now learn the hard way because I didn't ask you.

    I'm in China and I don't know if you've been here but I know you have travelled and know a thing or two about life and it's ups and downs. Why didn't I ask you more when I was younger? I guess because I was to young huh?

    I remember starting to ask you about the war and what you did in it but I never really found out much. I never really heard the stories you had.

    How did I let your life pass me by and not realise how valuable it was. I wish I had known more and asked you about it. I miss you. Come back please.